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About Rienzi Foods
Since 1967, our family operated company has been providing customers with the finest quality food products from Southern Italy. It is the Rienzi heritage that has blossomed into 2,000 acres of Italy's richest farm land in the heart of the Basilicata region which is used to grow our premium quality products. After our produce has reached its peak of flavor, it is transported to our Italian factories to be canned, bottled, or packaged. It is our commitment to quality which has allowed us to provide healthy and tasteful products consistently over the years.

The company was started by Mike Rienzi (the current President) in 1967. His initial mode of operation was the making and selling of mozzarella, and flour to pizzerias, and bakeries throughout NYC. It wasn’t until the early 1970’s that Rienzi started importing Italian food products such as canned tomatoes, and pasta. In 1975 with a total of three employees including Mike Rienzi, Rienzi landed its first large supermarket chain by the name of Waldbaum’s.

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s Rienzi continually expended its customer base throughout the Northeast United States as well as its product line. Rienzi added vinegar, olive oil, cheese, and many other products, providing the same commitment to quality with these items as their predecessors. It was in the 90’s however, that Rienzi took control of its production and vertically integrated its company. This was accomplished by the purchase of 2000 acres of rich farm land in Southern Italy and partnerships with factories in Italy to package the products. 

Rienzi food and beverage products can now be found in most states throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic United States. In addition, Rienzi products can be found in Ohio, Texas, and Illinois. Its Rienzi’s commitment to quality that makes the difference.