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Shells with Cannellini Beans and Mussels


  • 1 Lb  Rienzi Shells Pasta
  • 2 14oz Cans of Rienzi Cannellini Beans
  • 2 Lbs  Mussels
  • 2 Cups Rienzi Peeled tomatoes
  • ½  Cup White wine
  • 4 Cloves garlic
  • 1 Tsp  Fresh rosemary Replica Watches
  • Fresh black pepper
  • Rienzi Extra Virgin olive oil 


  • Remove the fruit of the mussels from the shells either by opening each mussel with a knife or by steaming them.  In either case be careful to recover the fruit from each mussel as well as the water that comes out of the mussels. Separate the two and save for later.
  • In a large pan add some olive oil and saute` the garlic. Once the garlic turns golden add the rosemary.
  • Chop the peeled tomatoes and add them to the pan. At this time also add the white wine.
  • Let the alcohol completely evaporate. Add the beans with their own water as well as the water recovered from the mussels.
  • Continue to cook for an additional 10 mins. at high flame.
  • Separately cook the pasta and remove it when it is very "Al Dente".
  • Add to the pan the pasta and the fruit of the mussels and continue cooking everything together for 2-3 mins. by tossing all the ingredients.
  • Serve with a few drops of EV olive oil and a sprinkle of fresh black pepper.