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A Good Fitness Regimen Starts With Lack of Regimen

Ever since becoming involved with fitness I have been answering the commonly presented question of "What's the most efficient way to lose weight?". Generally, this question, although a fair one, is actually a reworded translation of the following; "I hate working out, so what's the best way to get it over with as fast as possible while still achieving results?". If this sounds like something you would say then you are going about fitness in the wrong way. Exercise, believe it or not, can and should be fun.

Suppose you were told the very best way to lose poundage is a weightlifting program split into 5 grueling days at the gym, hitting every muscle group accordingly. That's great, you now have the knowledge needed to advance and reach your goals, how very exciting! Sadly, you run into a slight problem. You absolutely can't stand weightlifting and the thought of doing so makes you cringe. You're not out of luck, however, as you've actually been misinformed. Consistency in being active is the key, consistency in routine is unnecessary!

So you don't like to weight lift, find a kickboxing class. Hitting things not your style? (Unbelievable, I know) Try Pilates. Pilates too slow paced for you? Take up biking. Can't ride a bike? Go play just about any sport. In fact, take them all up, and more, and don't designate specific days for them but rather for "exercise days". Wake up and say "today is an exercise day, what do I feel like doing?" When you learn to listen to your body and participate in activity you enjoy you'll find yourself more consistent and loving every minute of it. So, in closing, please give up the idea of routine as a necessity for weight loss. Do something different every single day if you like. This is how I exercise, it's how my clients exercise and hopefully, now, it's how some readers exercise. All I ask is that when you do participate in activity or exercise you try to push your body to new and ever growing limits. Be safe, have fun and you'll see yourself reaching those goals in no time.


Jordan Schneider
B.S. Exercise Physiology and Nutrition
American College of Sports Medicine CPT
Owner of Sage Fitness Studios